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Absolutely thrilled to share my exceptional experience with the recent LASIK surgery at Boston Vision. From the initial consultation to the post-op care, every step exemplified professionalism and excellence. The thorough pre-surgery assessments by the skilled and friendly staff instilled confidence. Dr. Brenner explained the procedure comprehensively, addressing any concerns and ensuring I felt at ease. The surgery itself was a breeze, thanks to the state-of-the-art technology and the surgeon's expertise. The facility's ambiance and hygiene standards were impeccable, contributing to a comfortable atmosphere. The attentive nurses provided continuous support, creating a reassuring environment throughout the process. Post-surgery, the aftercare was meticulous. Regular check-ups and clear instructions for home care demonstrated their commitment to ensuring a smooth recovery. My vision improvement exceeded expectations, and the freedom from glasses or contact lenses is truly liberating. I must say, my LASIK experience at Boston Vision was nothing short of outstanding. The seamless blend of cutting-edge technology, competent professionals, and genuine care makes this clinic a top-notch choice for vision correction. I wholeheartedly recommend Boston Vision for anyone considering LASIK surgery. Five stars don't seem enough to express my gratitude for the gift of clear vision they've provided.


I recently had a great experience getting LASIK eye surgery at Boston Vision. The doctors and staff were not only highly skilled and professional, but they were also incredibly friendly and approachable. They made themselves available for any questions or concerns I had, even on weekends. Their friendly demeanor and willingness to address my concerns put me at ease throughout the entire process. Dr. Melki performed the surgery in less than 20 min, and I was given a check-up the very next day. I was told that my vision will take a few weeks before it fully stabilizes, but I can see very well already. Im very pleased with the results.


Always have a wonderful experience going for my eye exams. Always very prompt with getting me seen. Thorough exam and Always answers all my questions and concerns. Very pleasant


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