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Dr Brenner is the best! He is professional but. approachable. He has always listened to my concerns and answered them in a positive manner and has been so willing to explore new ways to solve my complicated condition


Miracles happen everyday. On July 8, 2022, Dr. Jason Brenner and the team at Boston Vision performed a miracle. They performed LASIK on my eyes to improve my vision to what it was when I came into this world. I could see clearly now.The whole process was excellent. Consultation was thorough and easy. Day of the surgery was smooth. Dr. Brenner informed me of scarring on my eye (away from the pupil) from a previous contact lens induced infection and that it may be difficult for the laser to penetrate. They would try their best and stop if anything seemed off. His words were reassuring. Some drops were placed in and I was sent to wait for a little bit longer. After not too much waiting, it was my time. Funny to think that the label on the bottle of apple juice I was reading would be viewed with an enhanced set of eyes the next time I saw it.Entering the operating suite, it felt as if I walked into a surgical suite on an alien spaceship. Meticulously clean, futuristic equipment placed all around. I was told to lay down. My name, DOB, and procedure was verbally confirmed. I recalled stories of amputations where the wrong limb was removed. HERE WE GO! Left eye first. One eye at a time. Deep breath. The team taped gauze over my right eye and taped my left eye lid open, placed a ring to keep the eye open, and began to clean and place drops in. The following words may be inaccurate as to what exactly was going on, some mere guesses as I am not the eye surgeon. Next, a machine was lowered and a suction cup was placed on my eye to keep it stable. I could see red and green lights. Christmas lights in an empty night sky. Some cutting, lasing, and manual adjusting by Dr. Brenner later and the eye was done. I forget at which point but your vision goes black for a brief moment. It's normal. The other eye received the same treatment. I guess the scar proved to be no match for the Boston Vision team and their lasers. Immediately, I could tell my vision was improved. There was slight cloudiness/blurriness but that is normal, I just had my eye cut and lazed!After the operation, I went into an examination room, eyes were inspected, post-op instructions given, and I was released back into the wild, with altered sets of eyes to view it. Oh. And a goodie back with post-op antibiotic drops, post-op care printout, eye cover for sleeping, and sunglasses. Upon returning home, I went to sleep for the recommended 4 hours. The first hour, as the numbing drops wore off, were uncomfortable, as my eyes felt as if something was in them and causing me to tear a good amount. Not excruciating pain, but not a ball of fun either. The feeling soon subsided. The rest of the day was spent just resting my eyes when possible. Blurriness got better over time and was pretty much gone after 6 or so hours. Boston Vision (and I) recommend getting preservative free artificial tears and having them in the fridge for relief and to keep eyes moisturized.As the minutes went by, the blurriness reduced and my joy increased. No more glasses. No more contact lenses. No more shackles. A surreal realization that, 2 days after, has not fully set in. The follow-up appointment the next morning went well. One eye is not as good as the other. Not too worried as things are improving by the second and it is still recovering.I wish I had Elon Musk pre-crypto crashing money as I would be funding vision correction treatment for anyone who wanted it (in addition to feeding the hungry and providing assistance for those that need things more important than LASIK). It truly is an amazing technology. The procedure, the recovery. Wow. Speechless. Enough of me waxing poetic. Boston Vision was wonderful. Totally recommend them. If you are thinking about LASIK and have the means to. DO IT! Also, go through Qualsight or something similar to get group rates to lower your out of pocket cost. Thanks, Dr. Brenner, you the real MVP.


The staff of Boston Vision in Medford are great! I also happened to be there when a local power outage occurred, and Penney was fantastic with her helpfulness towards other patients arriving at the front desk, in her attempts to get them situated or rescheduled; also very helpful and accommodating for me as well.


Highly recommended and skilled doctor. Very careful and thorough w follow up. I feel well cared for.


I had one eye done at a time. My right eye with Dr. Keshav at the Andover office and my left eye with Dr. Brenner at the Brookline office. Both were great experiences as the doctors were very knowledgeable, all of the technology was brand new, clean spaces, and friendly staff. I was nervous going into this surgery since I have bad dry eye, however, post-surgery my eyes feel fine and I can see 20/20! Boston Vision cares about you and provided me with a fulfilling experience that I cannot thank them enough.

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