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I'm in my 40s, near sighted. My old eye md had been telling me since my 30s that I was "too old" to get contacts. I met with Dr Nangle at Boston Eye. She fitted me for contacts and consulted me on Lasik. We determined correcting my left eye for diatance was the way to go. Unfortunately my left eye wasnt strong enough for clearly seeing thebcomputer and paperwork. Dr Nangle took the time with me over a few visits to get my left eye correct. I successfully wore contacts for over a year. While less of a nuisance than glasses, I knew contacts weren't my final solution. In November I met with Dr Nangle and finalized plans for Dr Melki to perform Lasik. My surgery was yesterday! Dr Melki met with me prior to surgery, reviewed everything in my chart, and answered my questions. The surgery was quick (less than 15min) I can't say it was painless, the 1st few minutes hurt quite a bit. But i went home, rested for about 5 hr in my bedroom, and now I can see great! My followup was 1st thing this am. If you keep your eyes closed and follow the instructions provided by the MD and REST you will be great! Right now (day after surgery) I have 20/20 vision, and halos around lights. The halos should diminish, might go away. (I had minor halos prior to surgery) but now I enjoy 20/20 vision without glasses or contacts. Thanks to Dr Nangle and Dr Melki!


Dr Lee and staff polite .and very good explaining situations


My experience with Dr. Brenner and his Medford team was excellent. Each person in his office had a very specific task and role to play and my meetings in the office went seamlessly. Dr. Brenner was clear and answered my questions well.


The new facility is clean and efficient. Dr Patel always welcomes you with a smile, she is thorough, explains what she is doing and why. Happy to have found her.


From beginning to end my wife and I were treated with the utmost respect. We were spoken to not at and Dr made sure we understood the explanation and answered all our questions. Made us feel very comfortable

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