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They were very friendly and helpful every step of the way. I was nervous to get Lasik because the thought of having operation done in my eyes was terrifying, but I don't regret choosing Boston Laser. They went above and beyond when it came to informing you every step of the way about how the operation was going to go. As they were performing the operation, I knew what they were doing every second. After the operation, they made sure I was being accompanied by someone and I felt as though they did not lack in any area. They tried to help you and make you comfortable as much as possible. Dr. Brenner performed my operation and I trusted him because he was not only very nice, he was also very smart and made it sound so easy. I don't remember ever seeing anything clearly at any point in my life. I've needed glasses ever since I was little. After doing this operation, your vision won't be 100% back right away but enough that you will be able to see the world differently. Colors pop and the outline of shapes are very sharp. I'm very thankful I choose this place to perform my surgery. They gave me the chance to see the world differently and made me feel comfortable and cared for every step of the way. The staff is extremely nice and walk you through everything and try to work with you to fit your schedule. I recommend them 100%, you won't regret the experience.


Had Lasik, great experience. Can see perfect next today! Would definitely recommend. It is life changing. Also can use CareCredit


They are well organized, and efficient. They whole process has been quick and painless - wish I did it sooner.


The staff of Boston Laser was extremely professional, informative, and personable. The Lasik procedure took about 15 minutes and Dr. Brenner explained everything he was doing including what I should expect to feel during each step. My wife said driving to Brookline from the North Shore isn't fun on a Friday morning but it was definitely worth it. I wouldn't want anyone to go elsewhere, if you're thinking of getting Lasik go to the Brookline office and choose Dr. Brenner.

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