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EVERYONE THERE IS AWESOME...!!! Begging to the end ...!!! I recommend all the WAY ...!!! GET IT DONE YOU WILL LOVE IT to see things AGAIN ...!!!


Excellent service, great staff very pleasant, and professional!


I had LASIK eye surgery on both eyes on February 22nd 2019 and had a great experience at Boston Laser. I went to the Boston location for each appointment including the surgery. Everyone is very friendly and they do their best to put you at ease about the procedure. It is a little impersonal as you are shuffled from room to room for prep but I am fine with that. It feels like a very routine and regular process for them which helped my nerves. The actual surgery is very fast and everything went smoothly. I can now see 20/20. I definitely recommend Boston Laser for LASIK.



I recently got LASIK done at the Andover location and it was amazing. The staff was warm and welcoming and the process was smooth and simple. They did an amazing job handling my anxiety and making me feel comfortable. This is the best decision I have ever made!

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