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Laser Vision correction [The VISX laser in our laser suite] is performed within minutes but it is the fruit of several years of intensive research and clinical trials culminating in its approval by the FDA in 1995. Laser technology evolves quickly. The latest improvement has been the possibility to expand the treatment ablation zone to minimize night aberrations in people with large pupils. This is now available with the state of the art FDA-Approved VISX S4 Laser and Wavescan. This laser uses sub-micron accuracy to reshape the cornea allowing the focus of light to fall on the retina.

The amount of cornea sculpted during LASIK is actually less than the width of a human hair.

CustomVue and Iris Registration Technology – Overview

From the beginning, VISX’s success has been based upon unparalleled Research and Development efforts in the field of Laser Vision Correction technology. Today these efforts are represented by the marriage of the STAR S4 Excimer Laser System and the WaveScan Wavefront System creating the CustomVue Procedure

The CustomVue tailors a distinct correction for each individual – in fact each treatment is”designed” by the unique characteristics of the individuals’ eyes. WaveScan technology captures unique imperfections in each individual’s vision that could not have been measured before. This new level of measurement provides 25-times more precision than measurements using standard methods for glasses and contact lenses. WaveScan technology produces a detailed map of the eye – much like a fingerprint, no two are alike and translates this information into a set of CustomVue treatment instructions for the laser. WaveScan transfers these digital treatment instructions to the laser, providing a new level of precision and accuracy.

Iris Registration (IR) allows accurate adjustment of the laser beam to compensate for eye rotation when patients lie down to undergo LASIK. This allows far more accurate treatment of prescriptions with astigmatism.

Beyond Glasses and Contacts

  • Glasses and contacts are limited in their ability to correct unique imperfections in each individual’s vision. In fact, thousands of individuals have the same prescription. With the CustomVue procedure, no two”prescriptions” are identical.
  • This precise level of measurement and treatment can enable individuals to achieve the full potential of their vision. Clinical Study Results.

VISX’s FDA clinical study results were remarkable. Among other things:

At one year after the VISX CustomVue procedure

  • 100% of the clinical study participants could pass a driving test without glasses or contacts.
  • 98% of the clinical study participants could see 20/20 or better without glasses or contacts.
  • 70% of the clinical study participants could see 20/16 or better without glasses or contacts.

Four times as many clinical study participants were very satisfied with their night vision after the VISX CustomVue procedure, compared to their night vision before with glasses or contacts.

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