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Alexander Martin, OD

Alexander MartinDr. Alexander Martin graduated from The New England College of Optometry where he received the Dr. Robert Allard Compassionate Clinician Award and completed notable rotations at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital, Joslin Diabetes Center, and VA Bedford.

He holds bachelor degrees in Human Biology and Spanish with Honors from Michigan State University where he also earned co-authorship on a paper published in the journal Science “A single promoter inversion switches Photorhabdus between pathogenic and mutualistic states”.

Dr. Martin is co-author of “Clinical Optometry: Spanish-Speaking Patient Phrasebook” and has presented at the SECO Optometry Conference and the American Academy of Optometry Conference.

Dr. Martin has expertise managing patients with dry eye disease, glaucoma, diabetes, macular degeneration as well as providing specialty services such as low vision consultations, pediatric exams, contact lens examinations and post refractive surgical care.

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