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Accomodating IOL

Would you like to be able to be able to read, see at a distance and see everything in between? With the new technologically advanced Crystalens, seeing clearly at all distances without the need of reading glasses or bi-focals is now a possibility. The Crystalens IOL (Intraocular lens) is the first of its kind to mimic the contraction of eye muscles to accommodate and focus at near, immediate and far distances. The main difference between the Crystalens and other multifocal lenses is that the Crystalens uses technology to accommodate and allow clear vision at all distances, instead of just multiple distances with multifocal lenses, which are divided into zones of vision. It also significantly lowers glare and halos around lights at night compared to multifocal technology.

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The Crystalens is implanted during cataract surgery and gives patients the ability to minimize their need for reading glasses or bi-focals. We tell all patients not to expect to be completely free of glasses. The advantage of multifocal and accomodative IOLs is to be able to be by far less dependent on glasses compared to monofocal lenses.


Clinical Trial Data for the Crystalens: