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Everyone is nice and friendly. The whole experience seemed to be routine for them, which brought me comfort. Knowing they do these procedures often made me less worried. I was in and out and not sitting around. I definitely would reccomend them.


I had my free lasik consultation on December 11th, December 21st i had my surgery. This truly is a life-changing surgery Ive worn glasses since i was in the 8th grade (12 yrs old) now 26 and I couldnt be any happier. I see 20/20 now. No more glasses! Dr. Brenner and the staff here are extremely friendly and helpful throughout the whole process. Thank you 🙏


I had a great experience with doctors and nurses at Boston Laser. My friend refered this place to me. I was so nervous about getting my lasik surgery. I went to a free consultation and I decided to do it. I was able to see clearly right after my surgery. Thank you to everyone! The follow up appointments went very well. They took care of me. I refered my friend here and he did it too. He also had great experience!


Can't say enough great things about Boston Laser. Dr. Melki and his staff are amazing. Lasik was quick, painless - my only regret is not doing this sooner. Thank you again to Dr. Melki and his amazing staff @ Boston Laser!


I had the PRK surgery, I am now one week from surgery with no complications and amazing vision. Boston Laser are an excellent team, answered all my questions and concerns, were efficient in responding to me, and made the process as simple as possible. Parking is available, youll just need to make sure to pay the meters. Highly recommend.

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