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My Brother and I got LASIK here together. The entire process was extremely fast and professional. Healing is quick and in office appointments were always faster than expected. I went in for a free consultation on a Wednesday, and the following Friday was getting LASIK. My prescription for glasses was -200, and by the morning after surgery I was seeing 20/15, better than I ever expected. I cannot recommend this place enough, the change in vision is life changing.


I had my lasik surgery in Feb. and I am very happy w/ the results and the experience at Boston Laser. My only complaint was the parking! (haha) But if you are having lasik surgery, I would recommend them. Great experience


Ive had a few appointments with Boston laser and they have all been so helpful and thorough. So happy with my surgeons and my results!


The staff are very polite and professional. The time and the procedure are very quick and easy. The doctors are skilled at what they do. Most importantly, the information that they provided are very easy to understand. The paperwork is very quick and easy. Everything at Boston Laser was very quick and easy for me. I'm glad that my friend told me about this place.


Had PRK surgery 1 month ago, 1st week was difficult as was explained by the explained by the doctor. But this is the best thing I have ever done in my life and probably the only thing I will ever leave a review for. Thank you for fixing my eyes.

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