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Had PRK surgery done in Andover site. Dr and staff very nice and professional.


Very professional it was quick and painless. They really walk you through every step so theres no surprises


From the consultation through the aftercare of the procedure Boston Laser has been nothing but professional and helpful. During the consultation and up to the day of the procedure they answered any questions I had and put my mind at ease. Dr. Gupta did my procedure and told me what to expect in the following days. I had PRK done on both eyes at once and my healing has gone really well. I noticed a little light sensitivity for the first few days and on the second day from the day of surgery my eyes were super sensitive to any type of light, but the next day my vision was clearer and I wasnt as bothered by the light. Ive noticed some minor dry eye but nothing too bad. At the 7 day check up the contacts were removed and everything was said to be healing well. My vision was a little blurry after the contacts were taken out but overall my vision is so much better than it was before the procedure. I highly recommend getting evaluated for the procedure and getting it done especially at Boston Laser.

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