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I continue to have the best experiences at Boston Laser, Dr. Finkelstein is my doctor and she is wonderful. I just had an emergency eye infection, they were wonderful to immediately schedule me in and took care of me right away. Really good people, I trust them implicitly with my eye care and am very grateful to have found them.


My consultation was a simple series of vision tests done with eye numbing drops. Very straight forward. My lasik surgery itself was kind of like going for a ride. Very quick, with a few unusual parts to experience but overall conveniently done and you're on your way. I took a nap after my surgery and woke up completely reset. I came away with 20/15 vision the next day. I'm 26 and had about a 2 magnification on prescription before surgery.


Great service, lovely people and the procedure was very easy. Lay down for less than 5 minutes and you are done. The after op recovery was excellent too. Very quick and easy to recover.


Once I knew I wanted LASIK, I actually went to 3 different clinics to do some research and actually chose Boston Laser based on their reviews, their financing options and how comfortable I felt in their office. Naturally all consultations take time, each place does different tests, but at a separate LASIK clinic location I was in their office for 3.5-4 hours and when I decided to leave without paying a guaranteed surgery day deposit because I wanted to discuss the finances with my husband, they were pushy. Boston Laser is the exact opposite. My consultation was quick, comfortable and informative. The staff at the Wellesley office, where my consultation was, is also very nice and not pushy at all. On the day of my LASIK, I had to go to their Brookline location. There is only street parking so leave time to find a spot and walk. The waiting room had food and coffee and was BUSY. I did end up waiting longer than I expected, but it was a Friday (surgery day) in December and it's right before year end so I'm sure lots of patients were using their HSAs. The procedure was surprisingly quick (less than 15 mins), almost completely painless and yes ODD. You can "see" it all happening. Dr. Brenner was great, comforting and kept me informed about what was going on the entire time. After going home, my eyes started burning and watering like crazy as the numbing drops wear off, but I still managed to squeeze in a 4 hour required nap. Woke up, had some dinner with my family, then went back to bed with my trusty plastic goggles taped on. The next day I woke up with really blood shot eyes but with perfect vision!! I followed the rules (avoid getting water or soaps in the eye) and actually avoided eye makeup for a whole week (recommended is only 2 days, but I didn't want to chance fudging up my new eyes!). I haven't had any issues with dry eye or halos or floaters. Now when I'm driving at night, headlights do have a starburst look to them, but nothing worse than my night blindness with an astigmatism before and nothing horribly distracting. All in all I'm incredibly happy with my results! I'm so glad I went through with LASIK and so happy with Boston Laser!

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