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My vision has gotten just a little worse every year for the past 15 years. It finally stabilized over the last two years but I still needed to wear either contacts or glasses to see anything further than my hand. I was sick of having to touch my eyes everyday with contacts and I didn't like bringing my glasses with me everywhere. I was really nervous about the procedure - like I said I was sick of my eyes being touched but I figured that if I could let Dr. Melki perform this 12 minute procedure, then I would never have to touch my eyes again. It was well worth it. I entered the procedure room and the staff gave my constant direction. They told me exactly what to expect while everything was happening. Just as the procedure began and my vision became blurry, I was told to expect my vision to go blurry, but that it will come back shortly. This happened exactly the way they said it would, which was very comforting. I knew that I was in good hands and that I could trust the staff. The procedure felt like it was completed in well under 12 minutes. Dr. Melki had told me exactly what to expect with recovery. I did experience pain similar to that of headache for the first hour or two. When I got home, I slept until the evening. When I woke up, I could see with perfect vision and the pain was gone. I stuck to the regime of eye drops in the following days and had no issues. I will say that my eyes were bloodshot for about 5 days, but there was no pain, it just looked painful. The staff made me feel like they knew what they were doing and they were able to quickly gain my trust. They respected my time and never left me waiting during any appointments. I would highly recommend Boston Laser for vision correction surgery.


Boston Eye Group/ Boston Laser is a large, highly structured practice, with a fairly consistent turnover of medical professionals. Because the group is so large and well organized, it sometimes can feel impersonal, as you're being shuttled from one station to another. But, rest assured that these people have your best interest at heart and provide top-notch care. It is actually a very friendly--though often very busy--office. The founder and chief medical officer, Dr. Samir Melki, recently performed my cataract surgery with adjunct vision correction. He is a very skilled surgeon, with a delicate sensibility, and a highly regarded academician and researcher in his field. I trust him implicitly. I have been a patient at Boston Eye Group/ Boston Laser for more than 15 years.

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