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Smiling, helpful and more efficient with time. Saw retina specialist, and waited a bit too long to see the physician ( 1 hour), but still, a huge improvement over the 2 and 3 hour waits from previous group. Nice, caring group of specialists!


Overall great experience, from the initial consult to the day of surgery and follow ups after. Very informative, explain the process , how it can work for you, etc. I would recommend them highly to anyone thinking of having lasik done!


Very welcoming at the front desk and love my new glasses!


Got a PRK procedure done on 6/28 by Dr. Brenner. Highly recommended! The actual procedure did not take long--the part with the laser took seconds. The challenging portion is the recovery, although it has to be said that every person's experience and timeline is different. During the first week I could feel the surface of the eye is healing as expected. However, during weeks 3 and 4 I was dealing with haziness in my vision caused by excessive dry eye that proved challenging for work and eye drops barely had any impact. I went back into Boston Laser right away and the doctor assessed the eyes, assured that everything was normal, and inserted something to block the tear ducts to help the eyes retain moisture which definitely improved the situation somewhat. From week 5 onward my vision has steadily improved. After 1 month I was at 20/20 and still recovering. My suggestion would be to definitely do research beforehand (especially for PRK), and expect there to be moments when the road to recovery gets a bit rocky, but it will smooth out sooner than you think!


Very quick turn around. I did my consult on a Thursday, and the next Friday I had my procedure. They had a slot the very next day even. Staff was very friendly and informative for the whole process

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