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The prep and information regarding my surgery made me feel comfortable and informed. Dr. Brenner made me feel comfortable and informed as well. I was given valium before the surgery, but I dont think it worked. I got very nervous during the surgery, but it still went well. I was able to see immediately after the surgery, and my recovery went well as well. I wasnt too sensitive to light and didnt experience many side effects (halos, etc). My eyes did stay red for a long time (about four weeks). After the surgery, my vision was not perfect however, and my right eye was slightly worse than the left eye. As time passed, the vision improved slightly in both. Still, I am able to read and see fine.


Went here for the first time recently after going to Goodman for years. Didnt wait long at all. Got right in. Since it was my first time, I had to fill out forms but they werent that bad. Front desk was friendly. Doctors and technicians were personable and knowledgeable. Overall good atmosphere. Was out in about an hour.


Very professional staff who work well in concert with each other as they pass you along to the different area of testing, conveniently located AND they have free coffee!


Never have to wait to see Dr. Patel or Dr. Najafi. The associates are very knowledgeable and pleasant . Great place

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