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I actually had my Lasik surgery at the Brookline office in the spring of 2017. Since my surgery, I now have 20/20 vision back after being near sighted for about 10 years. Dr. Brenner performed my surgery and it was easy and I was out of the office within an hour. I no longer have to wear glasses or contacts and I can easily say, this is the best procedure I have endorsed publicly. If you want your vision back, go to Boston Laser and get Lasik today!


It's miraculous, the simple beauty of seeing perfectly without glasses or contacts. My LASIK experience has been nothing short of wondrous. I enthusiastically recommend.




Awesome Dr. Melki and his staff were very efficient and thorough. They put you through a group of exams to make sure you qualify for Lasik and after that you can decide on when /if you want to schedule the procedure. They will provide you with a packet of reading materials that will answer most of your questions. I had a question the week prior to my procedure and Dr. Melki called me on my cell phone to answer my question on Mono-Vision. The actual procedure was quicker than i thought and there was no pain at all and quick recovery. I had no gritty or dry eyes the day after. My distance vision is the way it was , but now I don't need glasses. I can read and see my phone, but for close up or extended reading, I am using readers ( anyone over the age of 40 can understand this). Parking at the Brookline location can be a challenge with only on street meter parking available, but worth it for the outcome and using Boston Laser.

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