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I had my lasik surgery in Feb. and I am very happy w/ the results and the experience at Boston Laser. My only complaint was the parking! (haha) But if you are having lasik surgery, I would recommend them. Great experience


Dr. Samir Melki and staff were professional and courteous during my LASIK consultation visit. The office is clean and organized. My experience was overall positive.



Good place to get LASIK. After the first surgery left me still having a prescription, the enhancement surgery they performed was able to correct it only three months later. During that time they gave me free contacts and glasses to wear while I awaited the "touch-up" surgery.


The staff are very polite and professional. The time and the procedure are very quick and easy. The doctors are skilled at what they do. Most importantly, the information that they provided are very easy to understand. The paperwork is very quick and easy. Everything at Boston Laser was very quick and easy for me. I'm glad that my friend told me about this place.

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