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Dr. Melki and his entire staff were 100% professional, courteous, clearly experts in the matters of Laser vIsion correction. From my first call all the way through my latest follow up they were absolutely attentive to anything I needed, answered my questions promptly and expertly and made me feel that I was in the best hands in regards to my Vision. The procedure was exactly as Dr. Melki described, incredibly quick and completely painless. The recovery process has been routine and very simple with no complications. I would recommend them 10 times out of 10 to anyone interested in Laser Vision correction. Dr. Melki and his team have been a complete delight and it's been a pleasure working with them.


I know a lot of people have a hard time deciding on where to do Lasik. I was in the same boat. We all want the "best" place to do a procedure this important. Objectively I can't say if this is the "best" place or not, but I can say that I am glad with my decision to go here. They did extensive, free testing of my eyes before the surgery and clearly outlined the risks and potential complications. I felt well-informed throughout the process. The surgery took 10 minutes and I could see well by the end of the day, and was enjoying an art museum a day after that. I'm currently four days after surgery and back at work on a normal schedule. My eyesight is crisp and I feel like I'm seeing better than with my glasses, even! I got the waveform Lasik (completely bladeless) to correct severe myopia, and I would recommend it if you're eligible. If you were referred by someone else be sure to mention their name... the pricematch offer might save you a lot of money on your procedure.


Boston Laser (this is their Medford office) is phenomenal. They are attentive, and every staff member, technician, and doctor was polite and informative. Their equipment and techniques are top of the line, and the procedure is incredibly quick and easy. My recovery time was fast, and they answered every question I had. They even laughed at my jokes! Seriously, though, this is a top-notch facility and you would be smart to talk to them about LASIK or any eye procedure. They will gladly consult with you, and I bet you'll stick with them and be completely satisfied.

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