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I have no complaints. The staff was friendly, helpful, and efficient. I will tell you another reason I like about Boston Laser, I used to have a very strong prescription. Everyplace else turned me away and said they couldn't help, but Boston Laser took me in, and got the job done,


I had a great experience at Boston Laser. The customer service both at the front desk and with the technicians was always very friendly. I felt like the offices were very efficient but that didn't sacrifice care and attention to the patients. I felt prepared to undergo Lasik and understood the proper aftercare. The processing of payment with QualSight was seamless as well. I would highly recommend Boston Laser to anyone!


Fast, easy screening- staff was very helpful and honest with questions and concerns.


Did lasik in one eye and PRK in the other — its amazing being able to see the world when I wake up. Honestly I think that I might prefer the PRK procedure to lasik even though the recovery process is much longer (Im always worried that the flap made from lasik is going to get dislodged even though its super duper rare). No issues with dry eyes or pain and I kind of wish I didnt even bother with the codeine (because poop) but I have 0 regrets and can wholeheartedly recommend laser eye treatment!


Had surgery about 2 months ago and been the best decistion I made in my life. Evaluation and surgery were quick and easy. I highly recommend getting it done at Boston Laser!

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