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Best medical service ever. A+ customer service (receptionist, nurses, medical assistants). Dr. Lee took his time with the eyes exam and explained to me with details what was going on with my eye.


My experience with Dr Melki has been really outstanding. He took the time to answer my questions on several occasions. I was very anxious about the procedure since I have very thin corneas. He explained the method and details of the procedure with me and the reasons why I should not worry. The procedure was so fast and painless. Much simpler than I expected. I took a few days off to really rest my eyes and was extremely careful with the drops regimen. It served me well because one week later I have 20/20 vision. I was glad i took the time off because my vision fluctuated during the week, at times blurry or sensitive to light. I did not experiment pain and was thankful for that.


Boston Laser squeezed me in. I had something going on in one of my eyes. Dr. Brenner examines me, was professional, polite, on time, and sent me on my way. The only negative is that I was told hes a Philadelphia Eagles fan. Hell need to convert to Patriot Nation


Had LASIK done with Dr. Brenner in July, best decision I've ever made! Eyes are perfect and couldn't be happier.


Great place everyone is very professional and they answered all my questions. Had PRK surgery came out great. No more glasses or contacts!! Should have done it sooner. 😊 Boston Laser is a great place.

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