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I was extremely excited leading up to the procedure and then I became super nervous the day of. As my vision was checked prior to the surgery I was brought to ease as Alisha thoroughly explained what to expect and what she went through when she had her procedure. During the procedure, Dr. Brenner was right behind me explaining everything. I could tell that he was in control and all I had to do was focus on his simple instructions. Before I knew it, the procedure was over. There is a point when you may lose sight, this was covered multiple times, and I sort of freaked out internally when this happened. Luckily I was provided a stress teddy bear to squeeze. But, I knew to keep my chin up, focus on the green light, and follow the Drs instructions. I did this and everything, so far has worked out better than my wildest dreams.


From my initial consult right through to my ICL surgeries Dr. Brenner has been absolutely incredible. Making a life changing decision like this is never easy and thanks to Dr Brenner I was thoroughly informed and able to feel confident in my choice for ICLs. His personal demeanor put me at ease, and he even text me after my procedure just to check in. I highly recommend Boston Laser and especially Dr Brenner.

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