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Boston Laser has exceeded all my expectations, prescreened on a Wednesday, both eyes done the following Friday. The prescreening was extremely thorough. Every question I had about the prescreening, procedure and scheduling was answered. They made sure I knew exactly what I should expect of my vision after surgery and any lifestyle changes I needed to make. Doctor Melki was clear and consise about the procedure and my prescreen results. Everyone in the office treated me with respect and professionally. I have been recommending my family and friends to Boston Laser. My twin brother is even flying up from Miami to be prescreened and scheduled with Boston Laser, he wants the same experience I've had.


Getting Lasik at Boston Laser is an impersonal but professional experience. They do tons of surgeries and keep things moving along quickly, so it felt a bit like being in a Lasik factory - they whisk you in and out of various rooms - but everyone I interacted with was perfectly pleasant, and I trusted them to do a good job with the surgery.


Incredibly helpful staff, and very reassuring. Worth the time, effort and money!


I had a great experience here. Everything was explained very thoroughly and the procedure was a great success. Can't ask for anything more!

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