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This was my first time visiting this Boston Eye Group location, though I have been to others. As a whole, the staff was very friendly, thorough, and answered all my questions to the best of their ability. The receptionist even went as far as printing out a copy of my insurance benefits for eye care without my asking, which was incredibly helpful. I would highly recommend Dr Melki and Boston Eye Group for routine eye care, as well as vision correction.


Eye exam was thorough and efficient. The optician spent quite awhile explaining my eyewear options. I didnt feel pressured or hurried.


Good exams although the peripheral one needs to be re-done on the left eye. Prescription seems a bit double/fuzzy. Need to see if my eyes adjust otherwise I will have another exam.


At 25 years old, I have needed vision correction for over 10 years (near-sighted & astigmatism). My decision to get LASIK has been a long time in the making, I've always wanted to be able to just wake up and see. I scheduled my consultation a week out (on a Wednesday) and didn't wear my contact lenses starting then. I am glad I didn't wear contact lenses for a week before the consultation so they could do all of the necessary tests at once. The consultation by the ophthalmic assistant was very thorough and it was reassuring that she had gone through the procedure herself with great success. I had pretty much all of my questions about the procedure itself answered before seeing Dr. Brenner, who said I was a great candidate for LASIK in both eyes. The surgical coordinator (Katy) was extremely professional and provided me with a wealth of information regarding procedure logistics and pre- and post-procedure guidance. Her post-consultation follow-up emails and willingness to speak over the phone made me feel much more comfortable about Boston Laser's individualized approach to each patient. I was able to schedule my procedure for the following Friday, so I continued not to wear my contact lenses for the next week. I wanted the procedure done ASAP, so I ended up with Dr. Melki instead of Dr. Brenner due to scheduling. The day of the procedure was straightforward. They re-did some vision tests and I met Dr. Melki. It was a bit disconcerting that the doctor told me the day of the surgery that my glasses didn't match the prescription they were measuring via the tests so they re-did the tests multiple times. I wish that vision tests could be less subjective. I got a small dose of valium before the procedure which was helpful in untightening the knot in my stomach. The procedure was 12 minutes and in all honestly I underestimated how uncomfortable and a bit scary it would be. But the staff providing clear guidance throughout and having a stuffed animal to clench onto made the procedure tolerable. Post-procedure I was able to take an Uber home and I laid in bed blindfolded with my eyes closed listening to queued up podcasts for 4 hours. There was definitely some discomfort and slight burning during this time, but by the time the 4 hours passed, it was mostly just soreness and light sensitivity. Since then, I have been taking the eye drops as prescribed and my eyes have felt better and better. Recovery is incredibly quick and even the slightest soreness, dryness, or irritation subsided within the first day. I have not needed artificial tears much, the medicated drops every 2 hours have seemed sufficient. Today is my first day reducing the dosage down to 4 times per day and I have felt comfortable all day. My vision was almost completely clear within the first day except for a very slight blurriness in my right eye (my left eye is perfect). I am hoping this will resolve in the next week or two. EDIT: now a week and a half out. All blurriness is gone, both eyes are perfect. Only residual dryness is around sleeping so I use artificial tears before bed and upon waking. Thanks Boston Laser!


Attentive, informative, and thorough. Dr. Brenner has a friendly but professional demeanor that puts one at ease, and explains everything in an understandable manner. His support staff is also great!

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