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I had Dr. Melki perform my LASIK surgery. Everything went amazingly. The surgery itself was no more than 10 minutes, and by the next morning I had 20/20 vision. Since then I have been paying careful attention to my eyes to make sure the healing process goes perfectly. I have had almost no adverse symptoms or side effects aside from blurry vision. I have not had grainy or gritty feelings in my eyes, I haven't had dry eye or an infection or anything else like that. The whole experience was remarkably easy, and I'm so far (two weeks post-surgery) very pleased.


Great service. Great outcome.


I had the Lasik Monovision surgery for one eye. Frankly, I was not too nervous before or during the procedure thanks to the wonderful staff at Boston Laser who put me at ease. The procedure was less than 10 minutes, with minimal discomfort during the procedure. Dr. Gupta examined me immediately after the procedure, applied an eye shield and emphasized that I avoid screen time for the next 24 hrs. I had a bit of teary eye which ceased within an hour. I was instructed to sleep for the next 4 hrs which really helped. I experienced no pain whatsoever after this procedure. The next day I met with my Doctor who stated that everything was looking good. I stated that I still have some blurred vision from my non-operated eye to which the Doctor stated will take time to adjust and will get better in the following weeks. I was experiencing some difficulty with reading and in focusing during night time driving. I think I'm still in the very early phase of recovery and am hoping that these side effects pass away quickly so I could have the vision that I had envisioned.


Dr. Melki is very thorough and professional during my appointment!


I struggle with dry eye. Dr. Brenner helped me and I am finally more comfortable during my day to day activities!

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