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Dr. Patel recently helped me with an eye emergency but over the years, shes been my favorite routine eye doctor as well. By thoroughly educating me on options for treatment, Dr. Patel gained my trust and built a strong doctor-patient relationship. She was concise, competent and had great compassion when dealing with my recent eye injury. I respect her judgment and she puts me at ease for routine and emergency situations. Im grateful for having Dr. Patel at the Boston Eye Group in Milford.


I feel very well taken care of by Dr. Brenner. His manners are very good, and I enjoy seeing him, but his knowledge and care is what is most important to me. He performed two cataract surgeries on me and there were no complications. Before seeing Dr. Brenner I had a surgery to repair detached retina. Reading was challenging. He worked with me to find a contact lens that helped me to read. hes terrific.


I'm about three weeks out from surgery and am seeing better than 20/20. VERY pleased with results. Dr. Melki was phenomenal. I'd highly recommend doing a consult with them if you are considering lasik surgery. You have nothing to lose and I didn't feel pressured by them at all. Just a heads up that they are very communicative - call, texts, emails so be prepared if that's not something you enjoy. I'm sure they'd happily adjust according to your communication preferences.

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