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My experience was nothing less than exceptional. Every stage of the LASIK procedure, from consult to procedure to followup, has been very easy. The entire staff has been courteous and professional: all my questions have been answered and concerns addressed. I would absolutely recommend Boston Laser (specifically the Brookline location) to anybody interested in LASIK.


Amazing staff and an incredible experience. Been wearing glasses for 24 years, and now I'm finally glasses free. A truly life changing event. Thank you!


If you're deciding to get Lasik, this is for sure the best place to go! Everyone is super nice and helpful. I loved the service and the results!!! I highly recommend Boston Laser!!!


I just wish I had done it sooner! This is not a cosmetic surgery. It is a life changing procedure that completely improves quality of life. I was a little apprehensive in theory as I thought maybe contacts and glasses were not that bad ... From the moment you walk in to Boston Laser their welcoming atmosphere and staff put you at ease, and upon meeting Dr. Melki I was quickly reassured by the statistical success, his level of professionalism, bedside manner and experience. He took time to answer all of my questions until I felt comfortable proceeding (or declining - he made it clear the choice was mine). The actual procedure itself is unbelievably fast. There is a little prep time the morning of but you are in and out of the surgical suite in less than 5 minutes. It is completely painless. As soon as he was done I could see. I was shocked. I went home and took a rest and when I awoke I had 20/15 vision. Recovery entails protecting your eyes for a few more days while sleeping so you don't rub them unconsciously. Now a few months out, I almost take it for granted , but the reality is I can't remember ever seeing the world so clearly. Sometimes its' just the little things like being able to read the TV Guide from bed, seeing more distinct colors in a flower, or not running out of contacts on vacation, but being able to wake up every day, open my eyes and really see in invaluable. Thank you Dr. Melki and Boston Laser!

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