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I have seen Dr Brenner for over six years and had Laser surgery three years ago and had excellent result. Dr Brenner is a superb surgeon and


I am in my mid-40's and was considering Lasik. After consultation with Boston Laser the optimal choice for me would be monovision. I use the computer a lot during my day job so it's important to have good vision for both near and far. The procedure itself was very quick and painless. There was pressure applied at certain times but no pain whatsoever. The staff at Boston Laser are all very friendly. I received complete details of what to do a week prior and the day of the procedure. Recovery was fine as long as you follow the regimented procedure that is provided. It's key to apply both medicated and non-medicated drops the first few days post procedure. I am now a couple of weeks post procedure and I can see my vision improving. I am not as aware anymore that one eye is 20/20 corrected while the other is only 50%. The bigger challenge is during the nights and driving. I was made aware that there were be halos from car/street lights and those are pretty obvious. Hoping within time it will improve or I will get used to it. The vision for distance is much better than close-up. I find for very small print I still have to use readers but for the most part I do not use them nearly as much as I used to. I wish I had done this procedure 10-20 years ago so I could maximize the benefit before my eye sight began to change.


Dr. Patel and the office staff at the Milford location are wonderful. Very friendly and customer service oriented. Easy process, great online patient portal. Highly recommend!

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