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Great place for your vision enhancements. I did the PRK lasik because in my profession I cannot chance having a cornea detachment from an impact & I can have readjustment years later(not with lasik flap). Once the laser cuts a flap, part of the cornea does not heal over, leading to passibillity of a detachment from an impact. Not so with PRK. Only draw back was the extended recovery time (1 week). 1st 3 days was very uncomfortable with very sensitive eyes even when closed. I cannot over emphasize the importance of artificial tears. Only thing is that they did not emphasize the importance of heated eye compress has on recovery. First 3 days I heat treated my eyes 4 times a day, 30 min each time. Helped immensely with releaving raw achy feeling. Took an entire week for 80% vision, and 1 month for 100%.

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