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The staff at Boston Laser has been very friendly and professional during the initial evaluation, the day of the surgery and for each follow up. The surgery went well, and was quick (~10 minutes). I was relaxed and decided not to take any Valium and it was fine. As explained to me prior to the surgery, it's not painful but feels like a pressure on the eye. It's obviously not the most pleasant thing to go through, but the staff was very reassuring and calm, and I was quickly out of the operating room. I followed the instructions and took a 4h nap following the surgery and took the recommended eye drops over the next few days. The recovery went well. 3 days after the surgery I was traveling for work and the flight made my eyes dry but using plenty of artificial drops helped. The first week I was nervous because my vision was varying from very blurry to clear, and I was sensitive to light especially at night. It's totally normal during the healing process as the eye is inflamed. After a week, I barely see any glare at night and can see really well. I still experience some dryness especially in the morning but keep using artificial tears as often as I need to, and it really helps. LASIK is life changing, being able to see far away again, without glasses is amazing. I would definitely recommend to do it, and Boston Laser is a great facility to get it done.


My experience at Andover location was good. Dr. Gupta and the staff provided me all the information beforehand and made sure all my questions were answered. The surgery was pretty quick. I was immediately able to see after the surgery. There was a little burning in my eyes but the nap after the surgery helped so much. I am happy I got this surgery done. I am happy I don't have to wear my glasses anymore. I can see clearly!


I cant say enough positive things about Dr. Gupta and all the folks at Boston Lasers Andover office. Im just under 24 post surgery and the results are amazing. Thank you!


Very helpful and reassuring. Professional and very organized.

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