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Outstanding facility where everyone was thoroughly professional and informative even in the interaction with one another. Each of the staff took the time to make sure you were well informed. Very pleasant experience overall! I never felt this good leaving a doctor's office before...Thank you to all


Extremely professional from start to finish and could not be happier with my results. I had wanted to get this done for the past 10 years but waited until I found a place that I felt very comfortable with their reputation and quality of service. Would definitely recommend this practice.


My Brother and I got LASIK here together. The entire process was extremely fast and professional. Healing is quick and in office appointments were always faster than expected. I went in for a free consultation on a Wednesday, and the following Friday was getting LASIK. My prescription for glasses was -200, and by the morning after surgery I was seeing 20/15, better than I ever expected. I cannot recommend this place enough, the change in vision is life changing.

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