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Just had the procedure yesterday and my follow up today. Already seeing better and everyone at the Brookline location has been been friendly and easy to talk with. UPDATE: on my second follow up a few days after the procedure and every day the vision comes a little clearer into focus. Everybodys been professional and all of the steps explained. The first hour or so following lasik is the toughest and after that its been all downhill. The simplest tasks, like seeing your alarm clock when you wake up or not having the extra step of taking out contacts right before been has already been a little bonus to start and end my days and Im sure it only gets better from here!


My experience at Boston Laser was life-changing. The consultation at the Andover location was scheduled fast! Everyone was nice, very informative, and shared their personal lasik experiences with me. I never felt rushed. The procedure was scheduled incredibly fast! The procedure took 13 minutes and I was there for a total of 1.5 hours. Everyone at the Brookline location was nice, informative, and relaxed. I did very little waiting. Post-procedure I followed the eye drop regimen they proscribed, in addition to using over the counter artificial tears. I did experience dry eye for close to 2 weeks. At the 2 week point, I stopped needing artificial tears. My eyes feel great!


regular eye appointment. Dr. F recommended an additional test after I described some minor symptoms


THE BEST STAFF!!! Overall great experience with no problems and smooth process. Would highly recommend.

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