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Great experience. Staff was awesome and the actual procedure went smooth. I was putting off getting Lasik done for a while but now that I've had it done....I wish I wasn't so stubborn and did it a long time ago.


The staff is always very friendly, attentive & smiling. Everyone is so pleasant, never rushed and always willing to chat. I couldn't recommend a better office.


Decided to try here because the last two eye places I've been too have not been happy with. I stopped to make an appointment after one with my Pcp who happens to be in the same building and it was so easy. The staff is friendly. Had to bring my toddler with me and they were kind to him as well. ( the other places made faces when he would interrupt with a question as if he was disturbing them) but not this staff. They just paused,let him speak and then continue without missing a step. Am happy to say I think I've found a new place and will continue to come here for my annual appointments.


Ok. So my first rating was pretty poor soley because of the lengthy wait time I had experienced for my consultation visit. I was not happy. However! Two weeks later I went back to have the Lasik Surgery and had one Amazing, slightly overwhelming but Tremendous visit. From beginning to end I was a nervous wreck but the staff was super on point and things that day was smooth as butter from start to finish. They went over the procedure and the after care with me and seriously just dotted every 'I' and crossed every 'T'! I'm extremely Thankful and Blessed to have the opportunity to see through my own set of eyes after wearing glasses and contacts for well over a decade. The Staff was amazing and Dr. Brenner and his team was super calming, reassuring and efficient. Since my surgey I've suggested Boston Laser- Eye Group to a number of people. I Highly Recommend them to any and everyone seeking to toss their glasses and/or contacts in the damn trash!

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