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It's miraculous, the simple beauty of seeing perfectly without glasses or contacts. My LASIK experience has been nothing short of wondrous. I enthusiastically recommend.


Awesome Dr. Melki and his staff were very efficient and thorough. They put you through a group of exams to make sure you qualify for Lasik and after that you can decide on when /if you want to schedule the procedure. They will provide you with a packet of reading materials that will answer most of your questions. I had a question the week prior to my procedure and Dr. Melki called me on my cell phone to answer my question on Mono-Vision. The actual procedure was quicker than i thought and there was no pain at all and quick recovery. I had no gritty or dry eyes the day after. My distance vision is the way it was , but now I don't need glasses. I can read and see my phone, but for close up or extended reading, I am using readers ( anyone over the age of 40 can understand this). Parking at the Brookline location can be a challenge with only on street meter parking available, but worth it for the outcome and using Boston Laser.


I had PRK 6 days ago. The day of the procedure went well. Everything went smoothly and was relatively quick and painless. However, with that meant that I never actually saw my surgeon on that day. You're brought into the surgery room and immediately laid down on the bed and one eye covered, there isn't even time to look around and see who is there or take in where you are. Then after they immediately move you out to get the next patient in. It would have been nice to have some time to take in the room and maybe even have a quick word with the surgeon. Also, I had a lot of problems with the prescriptions they sent in. The instructions sent to the pharmacy didn't match the instructions given to me the day of the surgery, so I ran out before my pharmacy was approved to dispense more from my insurance. However, more importantly, the original prescription wasn't even enough to last for the entire duration of how long I am supposed to take the drops so I ended up having to pay two extra co-pays that, had they written the prescription differently I wouldn't have had to pay. They ask you to bring your drops with you to the day of the surgery, but the tech never checked to make sure the quantities were appropriate. Overall, I would recommend this place to others, however, it wasn't perfect.

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