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I called in the late afternoon after experiencing some unusual eye pain. I expected to wait for at least a day or two before I could be seen. They actually saw me less than 20 minutes after I hung up. Once at the office, I was checked in immediately, and barely had time to sit down before being called in to an exam room. In less than an hour from my initial contact, I had been seen, tested, made a follow up appointment and was on my way to a pharmacy to pick up a prescription. I could not believe it myself, and guessed that this was just dumb luck on a quiet day. However I had 2 subsequent follow-up visits and each one was just as efficient. Not to mention that everyone from the check-in/out staff to the techs to the doctor were very friendly and seemed to care about what they were doing. This is a great example of how a medical office should work.


Good place to get LASIK. After the first surgery left me still having a prescription, the enhancement surgery they performed was able to correct it only three months later. During that time they gave me free contacts and glasses to wear while I awaited the "touch-up" surgery.


The staff are very polite and professional. The time and the procedure are very quick and easy. The doctors are skilled at what they do. Most importantly, the information that they provided are very easy to understand. The paperwork is very quick and easy. Everything at Boston Laser was very quick and easy for me. I'm glad that my friend told me about this place.

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