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Very responsive to my questions, calls, emails. Very efficient with time during visits and thorough with explanations! I felt comfortable getting my LASIK/PRK surgery here and am going through a smooth recovery.


My experience was nothing less than exceptional. Every stage of the LASIK procedure, from consult to procedure to followup, has been very easy. The entire staff has been courteous and professional: all my questions have been answered and concerns addressed. I would absolutely recommend Boston Laser (specifically the Brookline location) to anybody interested in LASIK.


Very efficient , knowledgeable staff who communicated every step of the process along the way, and what to expect post procedure.


After 3 surgeries and about a dozen follow up appointments, I am now seeing 20/20! I had a -7.00 Rx, plus bad astigmatism and thin cornea, and so I needed to get Visian ICL and then wait 3 months for the eyes to fully heal before for a LASIK touch up to correct the astigmatism. It was well worth it. I had a million questions along the way, but the staff was always able to help provide timely answers. Well worth the time and effort, highly recommended eye surgeon!


I would just like to say that I had a great experience at Boston Laser. The process was all smooth with no unexpected surprises. I had some concerns going in especially since this would be my first ever surgery; however, all those concerns were pointless. It's a miracle that I wake up now and have flawless vision. I hopefully never have to deal with all the annoyances of glasses for a very long time. I would totally recommend getting LASIK with Boston Laser. Some background about me is that I am 22 and have been wearing glasses for almost 10 years. My prescription has been study for the past 2 years meaning I make for a better candidate. After getting my free consult I booked surgery and they ran through the entire procedure from start to finish. Dr. Melki and his fellow performed the surgery and I was in and out in 15min for both eyes. Sat in a dark room with eyes closed for 30min, got my vision checked, slept for 4 hours, put the assigned amount of drops then went to bed. Next day I continued drop regiment and no complaints. Went for the f/u check and no issues. I am on day four of recovery and I feel great. Also, I think I am lucky because al the issues like halos and sandy eyes which may occur after surgery never happened to me. So bottom line is don't be afraid, don't wait, go and get LASIK! Your eyes are worth every dollar, so try not to make finance an issue. Good luck!

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