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I needed fast as I only had a limited amount of time to get my operation and recovery done in. I had my consultation and was having my surgery the next Friday (probably would have been sooner if the cornea scanner was working). I was in and out within an hour and a half on Friday. The doctors and nurses were friendly, virtually everybody I talked to gave me their contact information in case I had questions or issues. My only real critique would be that during the actual surgery they give you a stuffed animal to squeeze and I started worrying that I would tear it (which I guess is good because I wasn't worrying about my eyes) so maybe something firmer to squeeze? Would recommend


First things first, the surgical team, and staff are tremendous. I felt comfortable and safe with all of the procedures that were happening with me, and when someone is cutting a flap in your eye and then shooting lasers into it, that is all you can ask for. The waiting room is comfortable, and has some fantastic music (old school Sinatra and Dean martin and all that, personal favorites here). The reason that I can't give it a 5 star review is the wait time. I have a feeling there were some extenuating circumstances that caused some delays in their processing of surgical patients on the day that I was treated with LASIK surgery. What is a typical 2-3 hour wait turned into a 5.5 hour wait. Even still, I would hands down trust Dr. Melki and Dr. Raja in treating my eyes again, and even with that wait the decision to get LASIK from the team at Boston Laser was one of the best decisions I have made in my life. Their slogan, "If it's LASIK, it's Boston Laser" could not be more true, and if you want to be seeing perfectly after ten minutes of surgery, I would highly recommend seeing the professionals of Boston Laser!


Very efficient , knowledgeable staff who communicated every step of the process along the way, and what to expect post procedure.


Very responsive to my questions, calls, emails. Very efficient with time during visits and thorough with explanations! I felt comfortable getting my LASIK/PRK surgery here and am going through a smooth recovery.

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