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Time investment well worth it for premium results. I'm glad the doctors at this office are thoughtful enough to spend the extra time with me to get it right. I think this process is always a challenge because it relies so much on the doctor patient communication. Usually I leave an eye appointment wondering if there really was a difference between 1 or 2 and if I was clear or whatever. I'll admit I grew a little impatient waiting to see the doctor but when I sat with her I immediately understood why. Time stands still until the results are achieved. Dr. Azedah Suppappola is extremely thorough and thoughtful. I'm 100% confident that my new glasses are the best fit for my needs and I'm pleased with the results.


Background info: combat athlete with horrendous nearsightedness (contact prescription was -5.50 in one eye and -5.25 in the other) and an astigmatism in one eye. Didn't qualify for Lasik because Lasik weakens the cornea and physical contact can rip it off, but wanted PRK to begin with, since PRK also doesn't have any risk of corneal infections. I got PRK over a year ago—while the appointment itself where I was talking with Dr. Melki seemed a bit uninformed and short, as well as not terribly welcoming (I had done a ton of research beforehand and I ended up not being told very much about the procedure or otherwise; luckily I already knew the answers to most questions I had), the surgery itself was very quick, incredibly easy, and surprisingly painless. The surgical assistants and nurses were wonderful; all staff other than the Dr was wonderful. I *would* recommend that Dr. Melki be a bit more engaged and informative with his patients, since, had I gone in there not knowing anything, I would have come out of there not being given a lot of valuable information. While i was confident in my decision from my own research, HE did not make me feel more confident about it, which wasn't great. Overall, I'd rather a very good surgeon over someone with a great bedside manner, and he absolutely knows what he's doing, but I do think he may not have as many patients feeling very confident in his abilities if he doesn't offer more verbally thorough exams. I think other doctors might be better for people who are unsure or uncomfortable about going in for surgery. Follow-up exams with the assistants were easy, instructions on post-surgery care were accurate, and overall, great experience. FANTASTIC investment. I would absolutely go back if I needed to have any revision work done in the future (though let's cross our fingers my eyeballs say 20/20, though!).


I would just like to say that I had a great experience at Boston Laser. The process was all smooth with no unexpected surprises. I had some concerns going in especially since this would be my first ever surgery; however, all those concerns were pointless. It's a miracle that I wake up now and have flawless vision. I hopefully never have to deal with all the annoyances of glasses for a very long time. I would totally recommend getting LASIK with Boston Laser. Some background about me is that I am 22 and have been wearing glasses for almost 10 years. My prescription has been study for the past 2 years meaning I make for a better candidate. After getting my free consult I booked surgery and they ran through the entire procedure from start to finish. Dr. Melki and his fellow performed the surgery and I was in and out in 15min for both eyes. Sat in a dark room with eyes closed for 30min, got my vision checked, slept for 4 hours, put the assigned amount of drops then went to bed. Next day I continued drop regiment and no complaints. Went for the f/u check and no issues. I am on day four of recovery and I feel great. Also, I think I am lucky because al the issues like halos and sandy eyes which may occur after surgery never happened to me. So bottom line is don't be afraid, don't wait, go and get LASIK! Your eyes are worth every dollar, so try not to make finance an issue. Good luck!


I can see! It was quick & painless. Dr. Brenner does great work!

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