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My Brother and I got LASIK here together. The entire process was extremely fast and professional. Healing is quick and in office appointments were always faster than expected. I went in for a free consultation on a Wednesday, and the following Friday was getting LASIK. My prescription for glasses was -200, and by the morning after surgery I was seeing 20/15, better than I ever expected. I cannot recommend this place enough, the change in vision is life changing.


i got an eye injury from playing sport the doctors and the staff there are amazing. I have been going there before for my yearly checkup since my injury i can really say those doctors care deeply about their patients.


I got Lasik 2 months ago at Boston Laser and I couldnt recommend it more! From the moment I walked into the office, I was taken care of and informed of the next steps. The receptionist was friendly and gave me an overview of what was to come. Dr. Melki then came to greet me himself at the reception and let me know a technician would be running some tests before the procedure. The technician then took the time to answer all of my questions, even theoretical ones about eye structure – it must have been the stress! Finally, Dr. Melki explained the entire procedure step-by-step and made sure I was comfortable and felt prepared. By the time I walked into the operating room, I was significantly more relaxed than when I woke up that morning. The procedure flew by. Other than some very mild discomfort at the beginning, it was painless. By the time I knew it, I was in the dark waiting room getting my eye-drops and Shaft-like sunglasses before going home to take a mandatory 4-hour nap. By the time I woke up, I could see as if I had my contact lenses on! At the next-day appointment, I learned my vision was already 20/20 in one eye and 20/15 in the other (even better than 20/20)! After wearing glasses and contact lenses since grade 7, Dr. Melkis 12-minute procedure was a life changer! In terms of investment, I cant think of a better one for my quality of life. I was so used to contacts that I had forgotten what it felt like to just wake up in the morning and see! That being said, Lasik is a serious procedure and I wouldnt trust someone other than Dr. Melki and his team to do it. Overall, everything about my experience with Boston Laser was great. My only regret is that I didnt come to see them earlier!


Any fear of pain should just go out the window. You feel nothing, almost not notice anything going on until you realize that its over. Excellent job, seeing 20/15 now and i cant be happier

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