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My Brother and I got LASIK here together. The entire process was extremely fast and professional. Healing is quick and in office appointments were always faster than expected. I went in for a free consultation on a Wednesday, and the following Friday was getting LASIK. My prescription for glasses was -200, and by the morning after surgery I was seeing 20/15, better than I ever expected. I cannot recommend this place enough, the change in vision is life changing.


Very professional, caring, and thorough in explaining all the details. Walked out with 20/15 vision, very happy with the whole experience


I had the PRK surgery, I am now two weeks removed from surgery with no complications and amazing vision. Boston Laser, and in particular Dr. Melki, were an excellent team, answered all my questions and concerns, were efficient in responding to me, and made the process as simple as possible. Highly recommended.


Any fear of pain should just go out the window. You feel nothing, almost not notice anything going on until you realize that its over. Excellent job, seeing 20/15 now and i cant be happier


Great experience start to finish. Would 100% recommend lasik to anyone I know who wears glasses or contacts

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