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Procedure was quick and painless. I was definitely nervous and I got through it with flying colors (so I was told). The procedure (I got mono-vision) took all of 8 minutes maybe. Give or take a few minutes. Recommend them. Just don't drive there for your followup, there isn't much parking I don't believe.


Had PRK surgery 1 month ago, 1st week was difficult as was explained by the explained by the doctor. But this is the best thing I have ever done in my life and probably the only thing I will ever leave a review for. Thank you for fixing my eyes.


I saw Dr. Azadeh Suppappola and worked with Olgaris Rojas regarding contact lens fitting and lens trials. Dr. Suppappola was excellent, very professional and quite informative as she answered all my questions throughout the fitting and lens trial process for both distance and multi-focal contacts. Olgaris was unbelievably helpful coordinating my questions with the doctor regarding lens trials and the eventual purchase of my contact lenses.


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